Tsamota – Bespoke Consultancy Services

Tsamota is a security and justice sector consultancy which provides rule of law, forensics and natural resources advisory services. We work in politically, legally, socially and logistically challenging environments on behalf of clients including the UN and the EU and the US and UK governments.

Tsamota provides its services via the following verticals:

Rule of Law: Tsamota works on behalf of donor governments and clients to help establish the rule- of- law in conflict and post conflict jurisdictions. We investigate crimes against humanity and war crimes, train police forces, draft laws and internal protocols and support the development of legal educational capacity.

Forensics: Tsamota trains Crime Scene Investigators, Judges and Police Officers in forensic techniques. We also supply forensic equipment to clients including the UN, UK DFID and International Police Forces. Our approach is tailored to the environments, including conflict zones, in which we operate and we are skilled at overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.

Natural Resources: Tsamota offers assurance services to help client mining and oil and gas companies manage legal, reputational, and financial risks associated with the contracting of private and public security forces. We apply our expertise in humanitarian law to train employees in human rights and best practice security techniques.