Security & Safety

Security and Safety

Tsamota takes the maintenance of the safety and security of its clients in whatever the operational circumstances as a primary objective. It is mindful that conflict and immediate post-conflict environments are ordinarily less than 100% safe and secure, and Tsamota will undertake its work accordingly with appropriate safety and security measures in place to account for the associated threat and risk management requirements.

Tsamota also ensures the safety and security of its staff. It is not risk-averse, but staff are not expendable items to risk for the sake of a contractual carrot. If Tsamota decides it has to withdraw from an environment where it cannot reasonably ensure the safety and security of its consultants, it will do so, however temporarily.

Tsamota insists on the highest levels of security information management with its data, both in the collection of it where relevant for its work, the communication of it, in its analysis, and in its management, storage and retrieval. Its electronic systems are well-protected, compartmentalised and operate with restricted access levels; and its hardcopy systems are equally well-protected with appropriate physical security measures in place.