Forensic Equipment

Forensic Capacity Building Programmes and Equipment

Tsamota Ltd is a United Kingdom-registered firm specialising in the delivery of justice- and security-sector reform projects in conflict and otherwise unstable States. Drawing upon a cadre of highly-skilled forensic practitioners with extensive teaching experience in fields ranging from crime-scene investigations through DNA analysis to the examination of all aspects of terrorist-bombings, and building upon the lessons learned during numerous forensic-investigative initiatives undertaken in the Middle East and North Africa, Tsamota is well positioned to design and execute a wide-range of bespoke capacity-building initiatives in conflict and post-conflict situations.

Tsamota’s forensics division offers clients a wide range of training programmes and related equipment. Since 2010, the firm has sold large quantities of materials to United Nations and other agencies, in particular, UNDP (e.g., in the Central African Republic, South Sudan and Timor-Leste), UNODC (e.g., in South Sudan, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Pakistan). We have even sent kit to the St Helena Island Police Department! Tsamota has likewise sold forensics equipment to the Government of Libya. Additionally, the firm recently completed a GIZ-funded initiative in Kenya designed to strengthen the capacity of Kenyan forensic analysts to deal more effectively with physical evidence in sexual-assault cases. In light of the scope of Tsamota’s activities in the field of the forensic sciences, the company maintains a dedicated forensics unit and storage facility under the direction of Mr John Ayres, a crime-scene investigator (CSI) of long standing with extensive international training experience secured in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Latin America and elsewhere. A second CSI is on the Tsamota staff; additional highly-skilled personnel are retained as trainers when required.

The Tsamota Forensic Capacity Building Programmes are in every instance tailored to the needs of the recipients. The said Programmes might consist of general crime scene investigation courses, or move into more specialised areas such as terrorist-blast investigations, forensic photography courses and first-responder training. For a more detailed overview of the forensic courses we can offer, prospective clients should contact the Tsamota offices by telephone or email.

CSI Equipment

Tsamota sells a wide range of equipment, the most popular selling item being its standard CSI kit (the specifications of which can be modified in accordance with the needs of any given client).

The first feature to note concerning the basic kit is that it contains in a single, easily-transported box all of the materials required to undertake a thorough crime-scene investigation. The bulk of the equipment in any given kit is produced in the Europe (or the United States) to the highest standards of manufacture as well as scientific rigidity and, in turn, laid out in a rugged Peli box with a tailor-made foam insert designed to render all items easily accessible in a field environment.

The highlights of the basic Tsamota CSI kit include:

  • camera equipment sufficient to record the crime scene
  • a fingerprint kit containing all the necessary items to facilitate the recovery of latent prints
  • a mesh bag, fastened to the inner lid, which streamlines the access of users to all contents
  • stationary and writing materials are included to ensure that users can record the recovery of evidence to the most exacting standards
  • a user’s manual is included in each kit, setting out in the relevant language(s) information concerning the contents, user guidance, MSDS sheets and diagrams designed to assist users return individual pieces of equipment to their correct place in the kit