Evidence Collection

Information and Evidence Collection

Tsamota has long experience of collecting information within many varying operational environments, whether in peacetime, conflict or post-conflict scenarios.
Much of the information has been collected in support of legal processes, and thus Tsamota has long experience of applying appropriate collection mechanisms that satisfy legal, objective, qualitative, balanced and thoroughness criteria.

In particular, Tsamota staff have experience of information collection from many various human origins, such as from witnesses, victims, suspects, experts, and confidential sources.

Similarly, we are experienced in acquiring all forms of documentary information not available from open sources; acquiring electronic data and undertaking computer forensics processes; developing human contacts; exploiting open source information; sourcing, taking or commissioning video material and photographs; acquiring and exploiting overhead imagery from national or commercial sources to satisfy operational and evidential requirements; acquiring communications traffic or intercept material and ensuring the authentication process; painstakingly collecting forensic evidence from a scene of crime or relevant location; and working with experts to provide specific-to-task knowledge

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in support of an objective.

Tsamota’s work ethic in information collection is to ensure that the quality of process, systematic collection of product and objectivity of approach are fundamental to all collection processes. It will ensure that all appropriate collection parameters, including where the highest international legal standards are obligatory, are met as a minimum requirement.